The technologists of Ceramco were amongst the first to combine Isostatic pressing and nitride bonding technologies to allow manufacture of a range of thin walled protection tubes for both electric and gas heating applications based on silicon carbide grain.


They provide a range of components with high mechanical integrity and homogeneity together with high emissivity and thermal conductivity at elevated operating temperatures. The original NICARB material has been joined by the SIALOX family for less arduous applications.


RHPT provide an efficient way to heat aluminium holding furnaces electrically without risk of element failure due to aluminium splash, or by recuperative gas fired systems. They are available in various diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths up to 72” or 1800mm


SIALOX – Mullite bonded SiC


Tubes also use the Isostatic forming technology but utilise an oxide bond formulation (mullitic) and undergo high firing technology to provide physical properties optimised to operating conditions


  • The pore size and tortuosity of the matrix can be modified to control the permeability of the tube wall
  • They are available in the same range of sizes as the premium grade NICARB range.


NICARB – Nitride bonded SiC


Provides a range of operational benefits including


  • Wide range of sizes
  • Minimal attack by molten aluminium
  • High thermal conductivity and emissivity allowing lower element temperatures
  • High mechanical integrity maintained at high operating temperatures
  • Available for electrical or recuperative gas fired systems
  • Standard sizes and short delivery times available for ex stock delivery




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