Ceramco has developed a range of technically superior and cost effective thermocouple protection tubes for use in the aluminium industry. We offer either carbon or nitride bonded products to meet the varying challenges arising from different production processes. Each material type combines the latest technical innovations and processing techniques.

CERTS - Carbon bonded SiC


The standard grade comprises high purity graphite and SiC, bonded with carbon. This contains a complex glaze and anti-oxidant system to protect the graphite and carbon bond during service.


The tubes are isostatically pressed onto a closed end threaded steel pipe to provide an easily used hanger system.


Full mechanical strength and resistance to aluminium and its fluxes are developed during the firing process.


Service advantages include


  • No preheat necessary provided components are dry
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and response time
  • Corrosion resistance against surface fluxes
  • Simple hanging system using ½” or ¾”BSP threads on the integral steel pipe
  • Sealed pipework allowing use in pressurised and dosing systems
  • Good electrical conductivity to allow use of metal level detection systems
  • Large size range from 6” – 70”, 150mm to 1800mm
  • Standard sizes and short delivery times available for ex stock delivery

NICARB - Nitride bonded SiC


NICARB, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide protection tubes offer high mechanical integrity and combines Silicon Carbide grain within a silicon nitride bonding structure.


The tubes are isostatically pressed and fired to high temperature in a nitrogen atmosphere to develop the bond.


In applications where there is little risk of mechanical damage, they offer a much longer service life than the alternative Sialon products.


Service advantages include


  • No preheat necessary provided components are dry
  • Long service life
  • Higher service temperature capability than Carbon bonded products
  • Excellent erosion resistance
  • Good response time
  • Large range of standard sized available




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